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About us

History of the company

MODULATIS is a modular home design and construction company dedicated to building and making improvements to homes and businesses, according to the wishes and needs of the client. Specialized in the development and manufacture of modular hotels, glamping, Coworking, etc. It opens its doors and creates this business model in 2021, with a team of professionals who will be ready to assist you.

MODULATIS will accompany you throughout the entire process: from permits to the most important decisions. We are committed to helping you build the space you've always wanted. Call or write us, we will respond as soon as possible.

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About us

About us

MODULATIS is an architecture company, adding to its business portfolio the manufacture mainly of modular hotel constructions dedicated to building and making modifications to homes and businesses, according to the wishes and needs of the client.
Respectful with the environment, its designs are integrated respecting nature as much as possible, offering that its constructions are adapted to both conventional energies and supplies and that they can be self-sufficient.
Our team will be ready to help you with whatever you need. Call or write us and we will send you a quote according to your needs.

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Construction options

We understand the importance of choosing a company that is experienced, reliable, and offers affordable prices. We have the tools and experience necessary for your project to be carried out under the highest quality standards and at the best price. Tell us how we can help you.

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Construction design

Highest quality

The construction process of these new modular hotels begins with the manufacture, in an industrial warehouse, of the elements that will be later assembled at their destination, where they will be moved by trailers.
Thus, the modules are manufactured in a controlled environment, so construction time is considerably reduced, without affecting the quality of the final product.
The possibility will be offered to personalize your accommodation according to your own tastes and preferences.
This new modular construction triumphs in the large chains due to its enormous advantages over traditional construction: speed of construction, cost savings, quality control ...
This construction system is even more important in countries where qualified labor is limited, facilitating entry into those destinations where there would be a lack of construction labor, delivering already manufactured elements to their destination for mere assembly.
The implications for destinations, allowing to increase the offer of accommodation with lower costs and terms, are really advantageous.

Products available

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The last details

Exterior Designs

We have many options.

Interior design

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Spain: +34 606 10 81 43

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